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    Yumbox was designed to make lunch preparation quick and easy, taking the hard work out of packed lunches, and helping you to provide nutritious food for your kids' lunchbox.

    No longer constrained to plastic wrap and aluminium foil, you can keep the things your kids love to eat safe in transit so when lunchtime rolls around everything is still delicious and ready to be devoured.

    Kids will love the ‘treasure chest’ feeling of discovery they get when they see what’s on the menu each day, and even the fussiest eaters will be pleased to see a lunch box with no food touching and no soggy sandwiches.

    The best kids' lunch boxes you'll buy today are not the ones we grew up with, that's for sure.

    Yumbox lunchboxes, with their bento box design, make it easier to teach children about a healthy diet from a young age. Designed in France and the USA, the kid-friendly latch and leak-proof compartments keep your food fresh and secure until lunchtime arrives, making it the best kids' lunchboxes for Australian school kids.

    The best part? The Yumbox fits neatly into any backpack or school bag and Mini Hippo is the exclusive distributor of Yumbox in Australia which means we'll never run out of stock for different colours.

    Yumbox Original comes with a 6-compartment tray, designed to make portion control incredibly easy – just follow the design when packing your lunch boxes with Yumbox and you’ll be providing a healthy, nutritionally balanced lunch every day.

    What does a healthy lunch box for kids contain?

    A healthy lunch box for kids should ideally contain a balanced mix of essential nutrients to support their growth and development. This includes whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and dairy or its alternatives.

    At Mini Hippo, we offer high-quality, environmentally friendly, insulated lunch box products to ensure your child’s food remains fresh. Our range of durable containers are BPA free and don't use harmful chemicals to reduce the reliance on single-use plastics. Our sustainable options not only help the environment but also encourage children to appreciate and engage in responsible, environmentally friendly practices from an early age.

    Preparing a bento box makes lunches easier

    As a parent, packing a kid's lunchbox can feel like a daily battle. Trying to find that sweet spot between healthy and what will actually get eaten is no easy feat. This simple bento lunch box style reduces the stress of preparing school lunches and gives you back some much-needed time during your busy morning hours.

    The Yumbox from Mini Hippo is designed for ease of use, and with six compartments, the Yumbox helps organise food groups easily. With each section being leak proof, there'll be no more worrying about sandwich bags or containers falling out or getting squashed, and no messy lunch bags because of yogurt or fruit juice leakage.

    Did we mention kids absolutely adore its 'treasure chest' appeal? Making Yumbox one of the best kids' lunchboxes for school.

    Unpacking the Benefits of a Yumbox

    Looking for the best kids' lunchboxes for school The design of a Yumbox bento lunch box is crafted to inspire kids to eat healthy, varied meals. The secret lies in its compartments where each one is representing a different food group.

    This encourages balanced eating habits through portion size recommendations, offering visual cues as to what makes up a nutritious meal. The compartments keep food separate and safe. You can store a whole sandwich in there and keep food fresher than in many other lunch box styles.

    They even have a place for an ice pack to keep food cool. Gotta love those ice packs on a hot Australian day! The Yumbox is also leak-proof so you can pack yoghurt, snacks or dips without the stress of a soggy bag coming home.

    The Yumbox is transformative when parents, grandparents and other carers pack your kids' lunch too. Using Yumbox's handy visual cues, they'll be able to ensure every day's school lunch is a success.

    In contrast, other lunchboxes or a lunch bag typically have just one big space, making packing a variety of foods tricky. They might also lack proper sealing, leading to messy spills.

    So, when considering ease-of-use and convenience for both parents and kids, Yumbox definitely stands out from the crowd.

    Creative Lunch Ideas for Your Kid's Yumbox

    Let's jazz up your kid’s lunchtime with these fun and healthy ideas.

    How about a rainbow box? Start by packing cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, yellow capsicum strips, cucumber slices, blueberries and purple grapes in separate compartments.

    A fan of the classic sandwich but need to mix it up? Try cutting them into different shapes using fun cutters, your kids will love a surprise dinosaur sandwich!

    For little foodies who like trying new things, fill their Yumbox with sushi rolls or rice paper wraps. Remember - the key to keeping kids excited about lunch time is using variety.

    What to Consider Before Purchasing a Kids Lunch Box

    The first thing to think about is how to maintain food safety. Your child’s lunch box should be well insulated to maintain cold temperatures between being packed and eaten. This is especially important if you're packing perishable items like meat or dairy products which spoil quickly at room temperature.

    The second thing is to pick the right size and weight for your kid and their backpack size. For example, preschoolers generally eat less than older kids and carry smaller bags, so opting for a mini lunch box is better for them. At Mini Hippo, we've got you covered as we offer a range of sizes for school kids of all ages in Australia.

    Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Kid's Lunch Boxes

    Keeping your kid's Yumbox in top shape isn't rocket science. Gently scrub down your kid's Yumbox after each use to ensure it remains in pristine condition. The Yumbox lunch boxes are dishwasher safe and their modular design makes each part easy to clean.

    Avoid soaking or using abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the seal. This is important because that seal makes sure everything stays clean and prevents leakage. To prevent any funky smells from developing, don’t forget to let it air dry fully before packing away

    Treat your Yumbox right, and it'll give years of healthy lunches for your little ones and keep being the best lunchbox for kids in Australia.

    The Environmental Benefit of Using a Yumbox

    Opting for a Yumbox to pack your children's lunches is both beneficial for their wellbeing and good for the environment. Compared to disposable packaging, reusable lunch boxes like Yumbox significantly reduce waste by eliminating the need for glad wrap, aluminium foil and other single use wrapping products.

    According to the Clean Up Australia organisation, Aussies use around 1 billion coffee cups and countless food wrappers each year with most ending up in landfill or in our oceans. But with a durable, BPA free plastic design, Yumboxes help you say goodbye to single use plastic.


    Is the Yumbox leakproof?

    Absolutely. The seal on each compartment ensures foods won't mix or spill over. You can say 'so long' to soggy sandwiches!

    Can I put my Yumbox in the dishwasher?

    You betcha. Just make sure to pop it onto the top shelf for a gentle clean.

    Why are Bento styled lunch boxes so popular?

    Bento styled boxes appeal because they're durable, have divided sections for different foods, and boast a sleek design. They also cater well to those on special diets.


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    Founded in 2009, our family-run business was the first to introduce leak-proof bento-style lunch boxes to Australia and New Zealand.

    Today, our range and business has grown, but our mission remains the same: to hand-select high quality lunch products so you can feel relieved your kids are enjoying healthy food (well, occasionally).