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    Kids Lunch Boxes To Delight Every Growing Appetite

    Our bestselling kids lunch box collection has been designed to make parents’ lives easier and to excite kids at mealtime. Yumbox was the first bento box in the market, and one could argue is still the most trusted brand available. Designed in France and the USA, the kid-friendly latch and leak-proof compartments keep your food fresh and secure until lunchtime arrives, making it the best kids' lunchboxes for Australian school kids. As the authorised Australian seller of the ever-popular Yumbox range, at MiniHippo we pride ourselves who as parents have tested each product and can vouch for the unmatched quality of our bpa free plastic Yumboxes, which surely has our tick of approval.

    The best part? The Yumbox fits neatly into any backpack or school bag and as the exclusive distributor of Yumbox in Australia, we'll never run out of stock for different colours.

    Preparing a Bento Box Makes Lunches Easier

    Yumbox invites kids and big kids alike to look forward to mealtime, and minimises the fuss of meal prep for busy parents. The clever bento box design reduces the stress of preparing school lunches and gives you back some much-needed time during your busy morning hours.

    Many of us parents can empathise that there are not enough hours in a day. One of the best features our customers boast is the ability to pack lunches in advance up to 3-4 days, negating the stress of preparing lunches every morning. Take advantage of the marked trays by using the divided sections to guide you what foods to include, and how much to pack, making meal prep easier and fuss-free. Pack a variety of foods including crackers without food going soggy and enjoy the peace of mind that your kids’ lunches will be as fresh to eat, just like it was out of the packet. Any leftover food in your kid's Yumbox will be just as fresh at the end of a school day as it was when first packed, letting kids to keep snacking for the duration of their active day and minimising overall food waste.

    Our Yumbox Original has been innovatively designed with trays that explicitly mark each food group, so you can rest assured your kid is meeting their nutritional needs. Not to mention, a variety of healthy options makes mealtime fun for every child. The bento box design encourages healthy portion-controlled meals, whilst making it fun and friendly with cute designs that will delight any child. 

    The Yumbox Tapas boasts the feature of an interchangeable tray, so you can so very easily switch between 4 compartment and 5 compartment trays to cater for a variety of foods, in an array of fun designs.

    At MiniHippo we sell replacement parts including trays, helping extend the longevity of your Yumbox for generations. Amongst our replacement parts you are spoilt for choice in terms of the colours and designs on offer. Is your kid growing out of the love for their shark tray and seeking a different design? Perhaps your Yumbox is being passed down between siblings? Simply choose a different fresh, fun and stylish design, add to cart, then you'll be ready to go!

    What Does a Healthy Kids Lunch Box Contain?

    A healthy lunch box for kids should ideally contain a balanced mix of essential nutrients to support their growth and development. This includes whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and dairy or its alternatives.

    Aimed at a smaller proportion of food, the Yumbox Original comes with a 6 compartment tray including a dip well. Simply follow the marked guides in each divided section to pack your kid's grain, dairy, veggies, fruit and protein to make meal prep a breeze. The guided sections are divided in the recommended proportions to help you take the stress out of how much of each food group to pack, so you can rest assured that your kid is enjoying a healthy, balanced meal - from the most fun lunch box! This encourages balanced eating habits through portion size recommendations, offering visual cues as to what makes up a nutritious meal. Each section is individually sealed, so they won't leak between either liquid or scent. The dip well is perfect for the consistency of liquid foods such as apple sauce and yoghurt, reducing the worry of cross-contamination between sections.

    The 6 compartment Yumbox Original is without a doubt our biggest seller in MiniHippo's Yumbox collection, attributed to it being an appropriate, ideal size for most ages. Aimed more for smaller proportion of food, The Yumbox Original fits a greater variety of foods - to encourage healthy, nutritionally balanced meals from the primary food groups.

    Sandwiches have been long recognised as a staple lunch go-to food for many Australian families. We at MiniHippo can relate in addition to fussy kids and picky eaters who loathe sandwich crust or simply struggle to hold an entire sandwich. The FunBites Sandwich Cutter sits proudly amongst the MiniHippo range as a reusable, safe to use sandwich cutter available in different shapes, making sandwiches that much more fun in easy to devour bite-sized pieces. With no sharp ends and safe for little hands, ask your kid to be your sous chef and task them with cutting up their sandwiches. Just press the cutter piece down and rock back and forth to cut forth most foods. Then, pop out perfect pieces with the matching top. Yum!

    The Yumbox Snack Box is the perfect sidekick to the Yumbox Original and the smallest lunch box in our range, for those who want to level up their lunch game. Simply pack recess, any snacks or after-school bites in the Yumbox Snack Box. Like every Yumbox, the Snack Box is leakproof with a kid-friendly latch. It comes in a light, easy to carry exterior box and 3-compartment tray insert with themed illustrations. The Snack Box's large food well is 1 cup, small food well is ⅔ cups and comes accompanied with a divided dip well section (perfect for foods with the consistency of yoghurt or apple sauce).

    The slightly larger lunch box sibling to the Yumbox Original is the Yumbox Tapas, which comes in either a 4 or 5 compartment interchangeable tray. Perhaps you want a sandwich one day and a grazing platter the next? Enjoy the freedom to purchase trays separately for those who cannot decide, or want the choice of 4 or 5 compartment trays for different days. Simply use the same exterior shell and change trays to your heart's desire!

    Lunch Bags to Fit Every Kid's Lunch Box

    Our insulated lunch bags are the perfect companion for every lunch box from the MiniHippo range. Pick the right size and weight for your kid and their ideal lunch bag carry size. For example, preschoolers generally eat less than older kids and carry smaller bags, so opting for a mini lunch box and bag is better for them. Every cooler bag neatly packs at least one Yumbox with space for an ice pack, or even cutlery.

    The Yumbox Insulated Lunchbag conveniently fits any Yumbox with the option to include an ice pack (ice pack not included). Available in a variety of fun prints like Atlantic Shark, Pacific Shark, Navy, Unicorn, checkered Blue, polka dots, Mermaid and Dinosaur, it's compact size and padded carry handle ensures it is easy for your little one to carry throughout the day. Perfect for school, work, day care, camp, picnics or travel throughout the week, the Yumbox Insulated Lunchbag is the ideal choice for those seeking a slimline insulated lunch bag for one Yumbox.

    An ice pack is perfect to throw in and out of the freezer each necessary use to keep food cool, and at other times, food warm.

    The Artic Zone Expandable Lunch Pack, made with food safe Ultrasafe® lining and Microban® protected to avoid bacteria and odours, makes it a piece of cake to pack a large lunch to take with you on the move. Explore the ease of its expandable and decompression function and enjoy extra space or compress your lunch pack with the simple pull of a zip. With the option to carry vertically or horizontally using easy carry handles on two sides and its included 2 high performance ice packs, the Artic Zone Expandable Lunch Pack is roomy enough to fit up to 3 Yumboxes. At MiniHippo we recommend packing a Yumbox Original, the stainless steel more mature Yumbox Presto, Yumbox Panino or Yumbox Tapas alongside a Yumbox Snack Box and a kids drink box for hydration.

    Check out one of our customer's reviews for the Artic Zone Expandable Lunch Pack:

    'These lunch packs are the perfect size. My kids have the yumbox tapas bento lunch boxes and snacks size. Without expanding it fits the tapas box, and if expanded out it fits the tapas and snack with space for a juice box or flavoured milk. I love that the ice bricks have their own compartment it means they don't have to juggle them when trying to get to their containers and worry about trying to play tetris getting everything back in to put it away after they are done. I would definitely recommend this cooler bag.I also like that it has the handles in 2 positions making it easier to slide out of their backpack compartment.’

    The bestselling kids drink boxes and bottles in our range include the Precidio Drink in the Box in Small or Large. Flouted for its ease of use with a kid-friendly latch and wide pop-up straw, the Precidio Drink in the Box has been expertly designed to mimic the use of a single-use juice box. Simply pop open with a light push of the white button to enjoy hydration. Its rectangular shape makes it perfect for little hands to hold. Add an extra fun twist with Precidio Funtops! Forget bland, boring colours by choosing an animal character funtop like a unicorn, hippo, panda or even a dinosaur that fits perfectly on top of every Precidio Drink in the Box. Our customers' kids love the novelty of a little animal friend every time they boost their hydration.

    The Dual Compartment Lunch Pack, made with food safe Ultrasafe® lining and Microban® protected to avoid bacteria and odours, has been designed with big appetites in mind and loved by children and adults alike. Featuring two main sections - one at the top and one at the bottom - you will have no issues packing a Yumbox Original and Yumbox Panino in each section. The insulated interior and three high-performance icepacks keep things cool inside, and both compartments can be accessed individually or at the same time (via the internal zip). Carry this bad boy either from the top carry handle or adjustable strap.

    Lunch Boxes in a Variety of Designs and a Rainbow of Colours

    Yumbox trays come in a variety of illustrated fun designs and colours to delight young minds. They include designs to suit every preference including monsters, rockets and race cars. Choose from a rainbow of colours from blue, purple, aqua, green, and pink. 

    The Yumbox Original is the only Yumbox that comes with guided trays of each food group, making it an ideal option primary school aged developing bodies.

    The Yumbox Tapas is the only Yumbox that has the option to interchange between 4 or 5 compartment trays within the same original exterior shell. Interchange as you please. Sandwich one day, Tapas the next. Here at MiniHippo we ensure that interchangeable replacement trays are readily available in a variety of fun-filled prints and colours.

    At MiniHippo, as parents ourselves, we understand that kids can get heavy handed and that not everything lasts forever. However we hold sustainability, reusability and durability at the heart of what we do. Extend the life of your kids lunch box with the freedom to purchase replacement parts and never fret about having to purchase a brand new lunch box.

    Which Yumbox is Perfect for Your Child?

    The biggest thing in choosing a Yumbox for your child is food preference and weight preference. For instance, smaller lunch boxes are lighter to carry. An additional consideration is personal colour and tray preference where smaller lunch boxes feature more child-focused designs with a vast array of fun prints to cater for every kid’s preference such as the Yumbox Original, Yumbox Panino, Yumbox Snackbox and Yumbox Tapas.

    Toddlers who are only recently introduced to solid foods and new to learning to eat unsupervised will find the Yumbox Snackbox a perfect match, but for those with larger appetites, the Yumbox Original is the way to go.

    The Yumbox Original and Yumbox Tapas are a perfect fit for younger kids in primary school. Kids aged 0-10 are particularly suited to the Yumbox Original, especially picky eaters. Upgrade mealtime for longer, more adventurous days by complementing your Yumbox Original or Yumbox Tapas with a Yumbox Panino that features larger compartments or Yumbox Snack Box.

    Ensuring A Kids Lunch Box is Safe for Use 

    As parents ourselves at MiniHippo, we place health and safety as priority in the products our littles ones use. Rest at ease knowing that when your kid is using a Yumbox, there is no harm to their health.

    All Yumboxes are crafted from durable, easy to clean food-safe materials that are 100% BPA-free, non-toxic and phthalate free so you can rest assured that every morsel you and your loved ones enjoy is toxin free. At Mini Hippo, we offer high-quality, environmentally friendly, insulated lunch box products to keep every kids food fresh. Our range of durable containers are BPA free and don't use harmful chemicals to reduce the reliance on single-use plastics. Our sustainable options not only help the environment but also encourage children to appreciate and engage in responsible, environmentally friendly practices from an early age.

    Caring for Your Kids Lunch Box: Cleaning and Maintenance

    If you love your Yumbox, it'll love you back. Keeping your kid's Yumbox in top shape isn't rocket science. Gently scrub down your kid's Yumbox after each use to ensure it remains in pristine condition. Most Yumbox lunch boxes are dishwasher safe and their modular design makes each part easy to clean.

    Avoid soaking or using abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the seal. This is important because that seal makes sure everything stays clean and prevents leakage. To prevent any funky smells from developing, don't forget to let it air dry fully before packing away.

    Our customers love the easy to clean aspect, particularly time-poor parents:
    ‘I love that I can put this product in the dishwasher, as many brands were hand wash only and I just can’t be bothered with that.'

    Treat your Yumbox right, and it'll give years of healthy lunches for your little ones and keep being the best lunchbox for kids in Australia.


    Our story

    Founded in 2009, our family-run business was the first to introduce leak-proof bento-style lunch boxes to Australia and New Zealand.

    Today, our range and business has grown, but our mission remains the same: to hand-select high quality lunch products so you can feel relieved your kids are enjoying healthy food (well, occasionally).