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Australian based Wean Meister is obsessed with creating genuinely useful products that will inspire you to have fun and easy meal times with your child.

Their products are baby friendly thanks to the soft feel and smooth lines. They are also extremely desirable to parents due to their fantastic durability; they will truly stand the test of time.

You will notice that Wean Meister is passionate about using silicone, this is because silicone is second to none when it comes to safety; and using a safe materials alongside feeding babies is top of our list. Silicone is safe because it doesn’t omit any nasty chemicals and it is also bacteria resistant.

Wean Meister are focused on weaning and are raising the bar by designing products with excellent functionality and a quirky modern look.

Their baby feeding items are high quality and they have gone above and beyond to ensure they surpass all food safety regulations.

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As a new Mum, Sarah Marriott was keen to create nutritious baby food for her little one. After working her way through various products in her quest to freeze her lovingly made meals she was unsatisfied with the options available.

Ice cube trays were dangerous – she almost badly sliced her finger one day trying to retrieve the food. Small plastic pots left her kitchen cupboards a mess with multiple lids and pots, were fiddly to wash up and it concerned her to think about BPA and plastic when reheating. There had to be a better option; thus the Freezer Pod dream began and her hard work to create a product that addressed her concerns and met her requirements began.

The resulting flagship product Freezer Pods was well received in the market and her business has progressed to contain other useful silicone weaning products including bowls and bibs.


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Why Silicone?

Silicone is the perfect material for baby feeding products. Products made from silicon, an element found in sand and rocks, are very durable. Silicone is non toxic and is free from BPA, phthalates, lead and PVC. Because it is non-porous it is naturally bacteria resistant but can also be easily sterilised thanks to its unique properties. It is a stable material between -80 and 240°C. Boil it, use it in the oven, microwave, dishwasher or freezer. It is an easy use, easy clean, food safe product you will find remains in you kitchen for years to come, well beyond the weaning years.

Wean Meister silicone products surpass the USA FDA safety standards, instead meeting the higher grade German LFGB silicone standard.They have also been thoroughly tested by a third party agency to obtain certification for their premium quality.

Use to Freeze Breast Milk

Freezing breast milk in Freezer Pods is ideal because you can be aware of exactly how much breast milk you are storing. Each portion will hold up to 75ml, which is enough for a small feed.

You will be able to give a friend, family member or child-minder clear instructions, e.g. 2 milk pods (for a 150ml feed). Plus the lid will stop the sticky milk from being splashed in your freezer and prevent contamination.

Save Washing

Bibs are a must for weaning. Make sure you’re using one that will make feeding time as easy and comfortable as possible.Forget about washing 3 bibs a day, 21 bibs a week.  Now you are able to rinse or wipe clean in seconds after every meal.  They are also wonderfully soft and comfortable for your baby’s little neck too.

Available in three colour 2 pack sets.


What age are Wean Meister products appropriate for?2018-12-14T18:36:09+10:00

Freezer Pods are perfect for preparing and freezing fresh homemade baby food.  Newly weaning babies generally require one to two pods per meal.  We suggest freezing a variety of fruit and vegetables pods and then mix and matching different tastes to create variety.  The three-pack set is perfect for colour coding your freezer – peach for fruit, baby blue for vegetable and mint for meat and grains.  You always have a selection of tastes to mix and match.

AdoraBowls are perfect for popping our frozen portions and defrosting or heating in either the microwave or oven.  As your baby grows you may wish to freeze larger portions of meal directly in the bowl utilising the silicone suction lid to freeze.  Remove from the freezer and put straight in the oven (up to 240°C) to reheat. Mini AdoraBowls are ideal for baby food or toddler snacks.

Having a set of handy EasyRinse Bibs will not only keep your baby clean but save you time and money!  Simply rinse the bib off after each use and dry with your dishes.  It’s ready again for next time and no pile of laundry to be done every couple of days.

Designed to be easy to hold with 2 easy to grab handles, the Sippy Skillz training cup is ideal for babies and toddlers learning to hold and use their drink by themselves.

Scoopsy Plates have an over hanging edge for easy ‘scooping’ and are designed with a 3 section divider suitable from 6 months to 6 years.

Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of the product?2018-12-14T18:36:32+10:00

For line drawings showing the dimensions of each product please see the item in our online store.

Freezer Pods 20.0 x 20.0 x 5.0cm; 75ml per pod = 675ml per tray Weighs 300g
AdoraBowls 11.5cm diameter x 8.0cm; 300ml Weighs 340g
Mini AdoraBowls 8.7cm diameter x 6.0cm; 150ml Weighs 20g
EasyRinse Bibs 30.0 x 22.0 x 0.1cm Weighs 150g
Scoopsy Plates 20.0 x 21.5 x 3.0cm Weighs 188g
Sippy Skillz 10.2 x 6.9 x 7.0cm; 150ml Weighs 71g
Spatulas 28.5 x 5.2 x 1.3cm Weighs 7g
What is this product made of?2018-12-14T18:36:44+10:00

All products in the Wean Meister range are made from high grade, premium grade LFGB compliant flexible silicone.  They won’t snap when retrieving frozen food, like plastic can. The handle of the Spatula is made from bamboo.

Is this product eco friendly?2018-12-14T18:37:00+10:00

Silicone is BPA free and naturally bacteria resistant due to its non-porous nature.  Wean Meister is very environmentally friendly, by reducing your need for individual baby food packages and jars.  The use of the EasyRinse Bibs saves the washing of 3 bibs a day, 21 bibs a week.  This is a large reduction in washing machine water and electricity.

Not only are the pod trays and bowls reusable for baby food, they also have a number of uses for when you baby is no longer requiring purees.  Why not freeze left over stock or sauce?  As the trays are oven safe (up to 240°C) they make a fantastic mini muffin tray.

What are the origins of this product?2018-12-14T18:37:46+10:00

Wean Meister is designed in Australia and manufactured responsibly in China.

How do I care for this product?2018-12-14T18:34:02+10:00

The wonderful benefit of silicone is that it is suitable for use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven (up to 240°C).

EasyRinse Bibs can be wiped over with a cloth when out and about, washed in soapy water with the dishes or even placed in the dishwasher.

What is the recommended retail price of this range?2018-12-14T18:33:42+10:00

Wean Meister products retail between $9.95 and $29.95 AUD inc. GST.  Freezer Pods are a set of one tray (tray and lid). AdoraBowls, Mini AdoraBowls, EasyRinse Bibs and Sippy Skillz are a two pack.  For the range please see our online store here.


The Wean Meister food pods have been a fabulous addition to my babyfood preparation. I love how the portions are the perfect meal size for my baby. I can quickly and easily fill my freezer with a broad range of food pods which keep bubs feed for weeks before I have to cook again.

I am especially looking forward to when baby grows out of mushin’s and into muffins and I can reuse my pods for this. In an age of eco-concern it is refreshing to have a baby product that has a life beyond it’s original purpose.

I wish I’d been given these instead of the ridiculous amount of useless onesies I got at my baby shower! (…not that I’m not grateful)”

Email LogoToscha (&Hugo), Email

The Freezer Pods are one of the best things I have bought! As mum to 7 month old twins and a 3 year old, time is precious. I only want my children to eat home prepared food. The Pods provide an easy and efficient way of storing the food I cook each week. The size is perfect and being dishwasher safe makes them an ideal purchase for any mum starting the solids journey.

Email LogoKristen, Email

I have being using the Wean Meister pods since my little one started solids. I absolutely love them. They are easy to get food out which is a godsend since I absolutely hate fighting with freezer cubes!

Also, it holds plenty on each cube not like those ice cube tubs where you need to use 3-4 for each feed.

I have been so happy with these I even bought some as a gift for a girlfriend. These are a fantastic gift for anyone that has a little one.

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