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SoYoung creates lifestyle bags and accessories for modern families from its studio in Toronto, Canada. Its mission is to add beauty to the everyday moments of parents’ lives by elevating the design of essential items.

The company was founded in 2006 by Catherine Choi around a diaper bag concept, as she searched in vain for something that met her needs as a new mother. In 2010, the company launched its first collection of lunch boxes and cooler bags, which was expanded to include backpacks the following year. As the collection has grown, SoYoung has maintained a singular focus on creating beautifully designed products in natural fabrics that present a refined alternative to licensed cartoon characters and floral prints.

In 2014, SoYoung partnered with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company on a limited edition lunch box which sold out in less than 8 days. The partnership was revived for 2015 with an expanded and updated collection.

Awareness of the brand has grown steadily, largely through the enthusiasm of sophisticated retailers and bloggers who quickly warmed to SoYoung’s unique aesthetic. The products are now sold in over 500 locations across North America including select Whole Foods Markets, Nordstrom and Indigo Books.

SoYoung is also expanding globally through distribution agreements in Australia, Korea, UAE, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland and The Philippines.

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Born in Montreal, Catherine SoYoung Choi (SoYoung is Catherine’s Korean name) moved to Toronto in 1997 to pursue a career in the financial world, and had never dreamed of being an entrepreneur before having children. With no design experience but a strong vision to create a more functional diaper bag that was also stylish, Catherine designed her first bag and launched the business from her home in 2006.

An avid learner and enthusiastic supporter of like-minded businesses, Catherine engaged a community of women entrepreneurs to help her navigate the murky waters of manufacturing, marketing and selling her products, gradually building the company into what it is today. SoYoung is now a true family affair with Catherine’s husband Jeremy having stepped in to a senior role, and new products being constantly tested in the field by her 3 children – who also have gained a fair bit of modelling experience!


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New for 2016: We’ve taken it all off!

After 2 years of testing, we’re proud to share some important news: for 2016, all SoYoung lunch boxes, cooler bags and backpacks are offered exclusively in a raw uncoated linen finish.

The products are now machine washable

Whilst the coating we used previously allowed our products to be completely wipeable, it prevented them from being immersed in water for cleaning. Our raw linen range is now completely machine washable (gentle cycle) and will dry overnight when hung.

The linen feels as good as it looks

The natural beauty of linen is now more apparent in the finish of the products, offering an even stronger differentiation from nylon and plastic products.

Linen is a durable, sustainable fabric

Linen is derived from the flax plant, which requires substantially less pesticides, as well as 20 times less water and energy than crops such as cotton, to harvest and produce. It is also extremely resilient and durable fibre, which makes it a perfect match for the demands placed upon our products by children.

Meet the newest addition to our bag family – the Emerson Tote

Keeping secrets is seriously hard! We are so excited that we no longer have to keep this baby under wraps.

Introducing the newest addition to our award-winning nappy bag collection, the Emerson Tote. It features a sleek minimalist design that is ideal for carrying essentials for work or play.

The Emerson is the perfect travel companion as your baby grows because it’s spacious and lightweight design is anything but basic. It includes a removable insulated bottle holder, 3 interior compartments and one main compartment large enough to fit baby’s gear, mum’s stuff and a 13” laptop.

It’s simple, unisex aesthetic boasts a classic style and ultimate versatility. It is available in slate, black and khaki. We’re sure Dads will appreciate it too!

Keep things cool

The new no sweat icepack from SoYoung is seriously cool…like literally!

An icepack up against your lunch is the best way to keep your food at an acceptable temperature for health and safety. When paired with an insulated bag from the SoYoung range, the generous size of 18 x 10cm stays frozen for longer, plus the sweat free cover keeps lunch boxes cold and more importantly DRY! No condensation, no soggy sandwiches just fresh chilled food.

Comprised of water and non-toxic cellulose gum (the stuff that thickens food) you can feel confident that these icepacks are safe for use with food and contain no nasties.


Which SoYoung product is best for my needs?2018-12-14T18:27:25+10:00

As there are a number of products in the SoYoung range, below are some examples of how our customers generally use each style.


This size lunchbox is perfect for school aged children.  It fits a Yumbox plus an extra sandwich or piece of fruit and an icepack comfortably.

Small Cooler Bag

This small cooler bag is perfect as a bottle bag, easily fitting two wide neck bottles plus icepacks and other smaller items.  It is also perfect for a child’s drink bottle and snacks for an outing.  The bag works well slung over a pram handle or tucked in the under basket.

Large Cooler Bag

This large cooler is perfect for a day out as a family.  It fits two Yumboxes or one Yumbox and a drink bottle with enough space for icepacks or other additional fruit or snacks.  The more mature prints also make it perfect for adult lunches at work.

Ice Packs

A complimentary product to your SoYoung bag, these adorable ice packs are non-toxic and will remain condensation free as they keep your little ones’ lunches (or yours!) cool throughout the day. The single large ice pack fits perfectly in SoYoung’s lunch box or large cooler bag. Best of all they are sweat proof!

Toddler Backpack Sets

This backpack set is great for childcare and kindergarten.  The detachable lunch bag can be separated and used independently and will fit two Yumboxes at a squeeze or one and other items such as icepacks and extra snacks.  The backpack can be used to store a change of clothes and water bottle.

Grade School Backpack

The larger grade school backpack is perfect for primary school aged children.  It will fit a SoYoung lunchbox inside along with school books, reader bag and other primary school requirements.  The interior has a mesh zip pocket and the exterior two mesh water bottle pockets.

Charlie Lifestyle Bag

Thanks to its neutral design features the Charlie Lifestyle bag is easily carried by both Mum or Dad.  There is ample room inside for all that’s required for a full day out with baby from newborn to toddler.  Due to its great design and functionality many customers continue to use this not as a nappy bag, but as an everyday lifestyle bag.

Emerson Tote

The Emerson Diaper Tote was designed for parents who travel lighter – especially as baby grows.  For that next phase after the first year where you don’t need to lug 6 nappies, 3 changes of clothes and a dozen burp cloths with you whenever you’re out for a couple of hours

Andi 3-in-1 Stroller Organiser

This stylish bag will keep up with your stroller as it rests on the handles, organising all your needs at your fingertips. Not strolling, don’t worry! This bag can be thrown over your shoulder as a handbag or easily lend its organising abilities to a tote.

For more information on all our SoYoung products click through to our individual products page here.

Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of the product?2018-12-14T18:27:37+10:00
Lunchboxes 25.5 x 19.0 x 7.6cm Weighs 300g
Bottle Bags 9.0 x 9.0 x 28.0cm Weighs 180g
Small Cooler Bag 17.7 x 19.0 x 11.4cm Weighs 250g
Large Cooler Bag 20.3 x 21.6 x 12.7cm Weighs 370g
Ice Packs 18.0 x 10.0 x 1.0cm Weighs 200g
Toddler Backpack Sets Backpack 22.8 x 30.5 x 12.7cm Weighs 370g
Lunchbox 19.0 x 25.4 x 7.6cm Weighs 240g
Grade School Backpack 28.0 x 40.6 x 20.3cm Weighs 300g
Andi 3 in 1 38.0 x 28.5 x 17.5cm Weighs 1425g
Charlie Lifestyle Bag 38.0 x 25.5 x 17.7cm Weighs 1400g
Emerson Tote 35.6 x 27.9 x 13.9cm Weighs 900g
Andi 3-in-1 Stroller Organiser 38.0 x 28.5 x 17.7cm Weighs 1425g
What is this product made of?2018-12-14T18:31:24+10:00

SoYoung’s signature material is it’s beautiful linen.  Linen is a wonderful natural and renewable source and is an extremely resilient and durable fibre, which makes it a perfect match for the demands placed upon the products by children.  The exterior of SoYoung’s linen bags is uncoated leaving a textured raw finish.

Charlie Lifestyle and Emerson Tote bags are a canvas exterior with vegan leather straps.

Andi 3-in-1 Stroller Organiser bags are constructed of natural fabrics such as waxed cotton canvas and linen/cotton blends. This material has been selected for its natural properties and relaxed look and feel.

Is this product eco friendly?2018-12-14T18:35:14+10:00

SoYoung’s non-toxic and eco friendly line of kids backpacks, lunch bags and cooler bags are PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA free.

Linen is derived from the flax plant, which requires substantially fewer pesticides, as well as 20 times less water and energy to harvest and produce than alternate crops such as cotton.

What are the origins of this product?2018-12-14T18:35:04+10:00

SoYoung is designed in Canada and manufactured responsibly in China.

How do I care for this product?2018-12-14T18:35:30+10:00

SoYoung linen range is now completely machine washable (gentle cycle) and will dry when hung overnight.  All insulated lunch boxes and cooler bags come with a removable, easy clean insert that is heat sealed to prevent seepage, and fully immersible for hand washing.

Charlie Lifestyle and Emerson Tote bags are constructed of quality cotton canvas. This material has been selected for its relaxed, natural look and feel, however this material does fade faster than nylon or polyester fabrics, and may be prone to attracting lint if exposed to high pile fabrics such as terry cotton or wool. If you do find that your bag is collecting lint we suggest rubbing a dryer sheet or using an anti-static spray on the exterior of the bag and then brushing with a lint roller or a dry cellulose sponge.

Andi 3 in 1 bags are constructed of natural fabrics such as waxed cotton canvas and linen/cotton blends. This material has been selected for its natural properties and relaxed look and feel. Spot clean only with a damp cloth or brush. Do not machine wash.

What is the recommended retail price of this range?2018-12-14T18:35:53+10:00

These products range in price from $12.00 to $199.00 AUD inc. GST.  For the range please see our online store here.




” Just received my Cooler Bag. I try to stay away from the cartoon character merchandising (propaganda?) and these bags are a great way to do it. I just love the fact that you can easily attach it to your stroller…such easy access and portability! It will come in very handy during the summer for our day trips! So glad I found them. “

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” I ordered a Soyoung nappy bag through Minihippo recently and was so impressed with the speedy service. I ordered the bag at 11am and it was at my door at 7:45am the following day, from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. Great service and great products. Happily recommend. “

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” Stylish, affordable and really practical! Everything I love. “

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