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LimaBean is an Australian company focused on the essentials for babies. There are lots of products out there but in reality not a lot that you really need!

Thankfully LimaBean delivers a few of the essentials that you do need with a core focus on functionality, without sacrificing on style.

Nappy changes are possible almost everywhere with the versatile ChangeMate. Designed to be compact yet still able to carry the essentials to get you through an outing with baby. The ChangeMate slides easily into you handbag, nappy bag or hangs simply over your pram handle. Never get caught out. Keep one in the boot of the car and one under the pram and you will always have enough for a quick change when the need arises.

A dribbly baby need not ruin a hip outfit with the addition of a LimaBean Bandana Bib. The unique design helps to hold the moisture away from the chest so that baby and their clothes stay dry. With modern prints sure to match any outfit, LimaBean is leading the way in quality dribble bibs.

LimaBean Logo

Since 2006, Melbourne based LimaBean has delivered baby products such as bandana bibs and change wallets focusing on functionality without sacrificing style.

Initially created by two Melbourne Mums, the LimaBean brand is now wholly owned by Mini Hippo, who could see the value and importance in developing this Australian brand further.

LimaBean will be re-launched in 2020 with new up to date prints across the range and more exciting product coming soon. Stay tuned…


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LimaBean Bandana Bib - Navy Stripes - Lifestyle
LimaBean Australian Creatures Wraps - Stacked

Brand revitalisation in progress…

We are excited to announce that LimaBean is having a makeover. Stay tuned in the first half of 2020 when we launch the revitalised brand with new up to date prints.

Bandana Bibs

Why are LimaBean Bandana Bibs so great? The key is in the fabric used. We use 100% cotton on the front and an aqua-phobic backing which holds the dribble in the layers of the fabric. Dribble doesn’t seep through the bib onto your baby’s chest, keeping them nice and dry.

Give the gift of Australian Creatures

Our Australian Creatures range is a much loved favourite baby gift for overseas friends or ex-pat Aussies. Give the gift of Australian Creatures and remind them of home.


What age are LimaBean products appropriate for?2018-12-13T12:06:13+10:00

LimaBean Bandana and Australian Creatures bibs are designed for 0-3 years.  They are designed as a one size fits most. 

Our Australian Creatures wraps can be used by any age. 

LimaBean ChangeMates are designed for babies or toddlers but can be used by people of any age.

Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of the product?2018-12-13T12:06:23+10:00

Bandana Bibs they are designed as a one size fits most.  Each bibs weighs 30g.

The Australian Creatures wraps are 100 x 100cm with slight stretch so they are firm.  They weigh 360g.

When folded the ChangeMate is a slim 30 x 18cm.  When opened it has a generous space of 30 x 62 cm to lay your baby.  Un-packed it weighs 285g.

What are the origins of these products?2018-12-13T12:06:37+10:00

LimaBean was established in 2012 and our products are all designed in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Bandana Bibs are Australian made in a small local Australian owned factory whilst all other products are manufactured responsibly in India.

How well does the Bandana Bib work?2018-12-13T12:06:58+10:00

We have found our Banana Bibs to be one of the very best on the market.  Our chosen materials serve to catch the dribble and hold it within the bib and away from your child’s chest so that they stay dry.  After a period of use on a heavy dribbler the front of the bib may feel wet to touch however the backing material will keep this moisture away from baby’s chest and help prevent nasty dribble rash.  Please review our feedback from many happy customers who tell us frequently that this feature is what keeps them coming back again and again.

How much can be stored in a ChangeMate?2018-12-13T12:07:15+10:00

The ChangeMate is designed to hold 2-3 disposable nappies on one side and a soft case of wipes on the other.  The outer zip pocket is perfect for additional extras like tubes of cream, a bib and disposable nappy sacks.

How do I care for this product?2018-12-13T12:07:28+10:00

The fabric products can be machine washed on a cool cycle.  Bandana bibs are dryer safe on low.  ChangeMates are easily wiped clean.   Please check product descriptions in our store for further care instructions here.



” Thank you for your prompt delivery once again, it is a pleasure to deal with you.

I was given a Lima Bean ChangeMate when my first baby was born as a gift. 2 ½ years later it is still going strong and I am now using it for my second baby as well. I love your product and have recommended it to whoever I can (as well as by a couple for other new mums along the way). Thanks for creating a great product and good luck with your future business. “

Facebook LogoMC, Facebook

” And the gift that I wondered if it would be much use has turned out to be absolutely brilliant: a Lima Bean ChangeMate, it goes everywhere with me and I just bought one for my SIL because it’s so handy! “

Facebook LogoJo, Facebook

” Thank you – I know of LimaBean as I was given a ChangeMate when I had my son twelve months ago…..they are just THE best item a new mum can own!! “

Web LogoHannah, Email

” I received a LimaBean change mat when I had my son and found myself literally lost when it went AWOL recently. It really is a great item, hence my order to replace mine and get one for friends that are expecting. “

Facebook LogoSamara, Facebook

” Thank you, that’s wonderful service.

I was given one of your change mats as a gift and I think it was the best present I received.

I also have friends who have them and think the same. I am purchasing this one for another mum-to-be as a gift.

Best regards and thanks for the great product. “

Email LogoMaricia, Email

” I heard about Lima Bean through my niece who received one of these great change mats as a present for her baby. She said it was the best present she received, so I’ve bought one for myself.

I look forward to receiving it! Thanks so much for your great invention! “

Email LogoBrownyn, Email
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