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Arctic Zone is a market leader in soft-sided insulated products. Arctic Zone, owned by Canadian based California Innovations, is the market leading designer and manufacturer of soft-sided insulated products. This includes collapsible or expandable coolers, insulated lunch bags, removable hard plastic liners, collapsible rolling cooler, zipperless coolers and more.

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Founded in 1986 the California Innovations brand has always been driven by their passion for innovation. In 2005, they acquired a leading Chicago-based insulated products company called Arctic Zone. They are the market leader in soft sided coolers and lunch packs with offices in Toronto (head quarters), Chicago, Montreal, Shenzhen as well as our roto molding facility, CI Roto, in Atlanta.

Arctic Zone’s products are market leaders because they have a passion for design, creativity, ingenuity and meaningful innovations, with various patents across their range.


Arctic Zone Lunch Pack - Lifestyle
Arctic Zone Lunch Pack Expandable - Cactus - Open
Arctic Zone Lunch Pack Expandable - Aztec - Expanded

The Ultra Safe® Protection System guarantee

All Arctic Zone products come with the Ultra Safe Protection System (USPS) guarantee. This means their products meet CPSC Safety Requirements and are PVC free and FDA compliant.

Arctic Zone rigorously test all products to ensure compliance with their exacting standards. The USPS monitors every stage of the production process so as to ensure that all products from Arctic Zone are safe.


During the manufacturing process, Microban technology is infused into the lining of Arctic Zone products. As it’s built into the liner it will never wash off or wear away, providing protection for the lifetime of the product.

It works continuously and gives products an added level of protection against damaging microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew that can cause stains, odours and product deterioration.

Microban is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.

Expandable Packing Options

The Arctic Zone Iceberg Expandable Lunch Pack provides twice the carrying capacity when expanded and includes 2 high performance icepacks. Simply open the exterior zip to expand, zip it up to compress. You choose based on the lunch containers you are using for the day. Great for packing a full piece of fruit on top of a lunchbox. Simply compress once eaten and reduce the footprint of the bag.

The 2 included icepacks slide into their own zip pocket on each side of the bag allowing for surrounded cooling from top to bottom. Pack your lunch the night before, refrigerate and slide the frozen icepacks in without opening the bag and losing cool air.

The Expandable Lunch Pack has been designed to be carried either vertically or horizontally using the comfortable padded handles. Keep your lunchbox flat if you need to.


Which Arctic Zone product is best for my needs?2019-06-04T18:31:06+10:00

Currently there two products in the Arctic Zone range, below are some examples of how our customers generally use each style.

  • Expandable Lunch Pack

This pack holds a large variety of popular lunch and bento boxes.  You can easily pack a bento box along with a piece of fruit, small snack box or container with it comfortably closing.  On days where you need to pack two lunchboxes or extras like drink bottles, you can expand the zip and double the size of the bag.  This bag offers a lot of flexibility for school or day trips.  The two included icepacks work hard to keep your food chilled no matter what you pack inside.

  • Dual Compartment Lunch Pack

This size lunchbox is perfect for school aged children.  It comfortably fits a Yumbox (and similar sized bento boxes) plus a snack box, piece of fruit or drink bottle.  This bag is excellent if you prefer to keep your lunchbox flat when being carried or placed into a backpack.  The clear internal zippered divider gives easy access to both compartments from inside the bag, however they can also both be accessed individually from the external zippers.  The three included icepacks can be used together or simply cool the section you need.

Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of the product?2019-06-04T20:41:52+10:00
Dual Compartment Lunch Pack:17 x 25 x 18cmWeighs 475g
Expandable Lunch Pack21 x 28 x 8.5 (expands to 16) cmWeighs 515g
What is this product made of?2019-06-04T18:29:50+10:00

The exterior is made from strong Ripstop fabric.  Internally they have high-density thermal insulation and UltrasafeTM easy clean MicrobanTM lining which helps inhibit the growth of odour and stain causing bacteria.

Is this product eco friendly?2019-06-04T18:29:29+10:00

Arctic Zone products are PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA free.  They are also reusable reducing the need for disposable carry bags.

What are the origins of this product?2019-06-04T18:29:09+10:00

Arctic Zone is designed in Canada and manufactured responsibly in China.

How do I care for this product?2019-06-04T18:28:50+10:00

For both Lunch Packs food residue can be wiped clean inside or out with a mild soapy solution and a damp cloth.  Do not soak or immerse the bag in water.  Once cleaned we suggest opening up all zips and allowing the product to air dry completely before the next use.  Do not close or store the bag if damp.  It is not recommended to machine wash as this may damage or ruin the insulation of the Lunch Pack.

The included icepacks are very sturdy however they may puncture if exposed to sharp objects or mishandled.  Although the contents are non-toxic, if a puncture or leak occurs please discontinue use and discard the pack immediately.

If the icepack contents come in contact with skin or eyes please rinse thoroughly with water.

The icepack should not be heated, microwaved or placed in the dishwasher.  Direct contact with the skin may result in frostbite, please handle with a cloth when frozen.  The icepack is not a toy and should not be handled by children.

Can I purchase additional Ice Packs?2019-06-04T19:53:27+10:00

Yes these are available from our online store here.  They are priced at $8.00 AUD inc. GST for a pack of 2.

What is the recommended retail price of this range?2019-06-04T19:53:32+10:00

These products are priced $34.95 AUD inc. GST.  For the range please see our online store here.

Does this product have a warranty?2019-06-04T18:27:49+10:00

Yes, the warranty covers any defects in workmanship or material that arise during the normal lifetime of the product.  Any problem that is caused by abuse or negligence is not covered.  Normal wear and color fading are not covered.  Breakdown of materials over time is not considered a material or manufacturing defect.  Incidental and consequential damages are not covered.

How long will my food stay cold?2019-06-04T18:27:28+10:00

There are many factors that contribute to the length of time food will stay cold in the Lunch Packs.  Things like ambient air temperature, amount of empty space in the Lunch Pack, number of times opened and the temperature of the food when put into the pack.   The following information will assist in getting the best cool times from your Arctic Zone Lunch Pack:

  • Pack cold foods – It’s much more effective to keep cold foods cool than to cool down warm foods. Pack the night before and store the lunch or the entire Lunch Pack in the fridge.  Add the icepacks right before you leave using the external zippers and your contents starts the day chilled and remains cold for longer.


  • Reduce empty space – Choose the right size bag for your needs. Choosing a larger bag than required or not filling the bag tightly will result in excess space for air which makes the icepacks work harder and defrost faster.  It also increases the chance of condensation from the icepacks as cooling of this air results in moisture and condensation.  The Arctic Zone Expandable Lunch Pack is a great choice and provides flexibility if you only need extra space on some days.


  • Zip it up – The more time your Lunch Pack remains closed the longer it will stay chilled. Encourage your child to open the pack and remove what they need then zip it up again whilst they eat.  This will limit the loss of cool air and help the icepacks stay frozen for longer, resulting in a longer period of cooling.


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