We know – the words “baby” and “good night’s sleep” don’t usually belong in the same sentence. But thanks to an app dreamt up by one sleep-deprived Aussie mum, you can now help your baby feel comfortable enough to sleep deeper and longer.

Carrie Paxie was an anxious young mum when she came up with the idea for ‘Snug as a Bub’ app.

After having her first daughter very prematurely at just 29 weeks’ gestation, she was, needless to say, very paranoid – especially at bedtime.

“I was so consumed with her safety and the SIDS risks associated with her overheating that I doubted every decision I made,” says Carrie. “At the time, I wished there was something to put my mind at ease and tell me – a new mother, and a very anxious one at that – the right bedding and sleepwear attire.”

Fast forward to 2018 when Carrie had her second baby, and she noticed the same doubts and anxieties creeping back. She was in a number of Facebook groups for mums and she kept seeing the same posts over and over again: mums asking other mums in their city what they were dressing their baby in that night, based on the current season and temperature, in order for their baby to sleep.

“I searched the App Store hoping someone would have made something made by then, but there wasn’t,” says Carrie. “I said to my husband, ‘Why has no one made an app for this?’ and that’s when he said, ‘Well, why don’t you?’”

Soon, Snug as a Bub was born. A former graphic designer, Carrie knew exactly how she wanted the app to look and, as a mum, she knew what information it needed to have. The only thing left to do was bring it to life.

“I knew I could design it screen by screen, but I had no idea how to make it a live app,” says Carrie. “I approached a Gold Coast-based app developer for a quote and supplied the artwork, and they made it happen.”

So, what does Snug as a Bub actually do? Put simply, it’s a handy tool that tells parents, grandparents, babysitters… you name it, how to dress their baby for bed to provide optimum comfort and safety.

The easy-to-use baby bedding and clothing sleep guide uses geolocation to determine the temperature of your baby’s room if you don’t have a thermometer handy, but you can also enter the temperature manually. The app then provides a the best options for bedding and clothing, to keep your baby happy all night long.

“A baby shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, which does sound impossible to manage, doesn’t it?!” says Carrie. “If your baby is too cold, they will wake frequently, but if they are too hot this can increase the risk of SIDS. Between 16 and 20 degrees is the optimum temperature range.”

Snug as a Bub includes the following features:

  • Manually enter room temperature based on your room thermometer
  • Use geo location to determine temperature if you do not have a room thermometer
  • Offers multiple options for bedding (blankets, swaddles, sleeping bags)
  • Easy to use with infographics
  • Perfect for packing appropriate clothing/bedding for holidays
  • Use anywhere in the world in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Ideal for babies through to toddlers
  • Provides handy info section & do’s and don’ts
  • Key/legend provided to understand recommendations

“The app has a handy info section that lists ways to check if your baby is too hot or too cold, too,” says Carrie. “By ensuring your baby is dressed and covered appropriately for the temperature of their nursery, Snug as a Bub helps to eliminate multiple night wakings which means everyone gets a comfortable night’s sleep.”

After releasing the app, Carrie found that her hunch – that there were other mums struggling with the simple task of dressing their baby for bed – was right.

“We’ve had so much feedback, and most of it so positive,” says Carrie. “We hear from people who say they wished it was around when their children were babies, and others who have gifted the app to their soon to be mum friends.

“On the flipside, I’ve also seen older parents with grown-up children saying how they didn’t have anything like this in their day and they managed just fine. You can’t please everyone. If just one mum goes to bed tonight with peace of mind, I’m happy!”

As for Carrie’s other tips for helping your baby get a better night’s sleep?

“I wish I could tell you!” she says. “My youngest has never been a great sleeper – even at the correct temperature she will still wake during the night! She’s two now and for her I have found white noise and a red-light night light to be the most helpful.”

Snug as a Bub is intended as a guide only. It is important to note all babies are different and should parents have any health concerns they should contact their baby’s doctor.

Available in the App Store and Google Play.