I love preparing school lunches so much that I dance out of bed every weekday morning in lunchbox-making glee!” said no parent ever. Yep, it’s a common phenomenon. Lunchbox Groundhog Day. Wake up, make lunchbox, empty half-eaten lunchbox into bin, wash, sleep, repeat.

While there’s no long-term escaping lunchbox preparation if you’re the parent of a kindy- or school-aged child, there are definite solutions for Lunchbox Groundhog Day and they can be found on the digital shelves of Mini Hippo’s online store.

Mini Hippo is the exclusive Australian/New Zealand distributor and stockist of a range of super-cool school lunch godsends chosen for their ingenuity, quality, style and value. And for making parents actually excited about making lunches. And for making kids actually eat their food!

Experts in Aussie school lunches, here is Mini Hippo’s forecast for the Top 5 lunchbox trends for 2018:

    1. Yumbox
      The award-winning Yumbox combines traditional Japanese bento compartments with a slick and chic European design aesthetic, using child-friendly construction and BPA-free, food-safe materials. With new colours, sizes and tray configurations for the 2018 school year, there’s never been a better time to get into the fun that is bento-box packing (for work lunches too, parents!). Compliment your Yumbox with an insulated Yumbox Poche and Yumbox Icepack.


    1. FunBites
      Reignite your kids’ love of lunch with these clever food cutters. Turn fruit, sandwiches, cheese, meat and slices, for example, into delightful and irresistible works of foodie art. Great for picky eaters and the perfect Yumbox assistant! Remember, cute food = edible food.


    1. Drink in the Box
      Refillable drink containers that replace sugar-laden juice boxes with fruit-infused water, for example.


    1. Snack in the Box
      Save money and landfill by buying school snacks in bulk and packing them into these bright, fun, refillable gems. Easy.


    1. SoYoung
      Quite simply, the most stylish insulated lunchboxes and cooler bags around. Clean, modern styling featuring retro-inspired graphics, these lunchboxes come with a leak-proof insulated insert for easy cleaning and to help avoid staining from spills. Two words: Machine washable. Can we get a hallelujah?!


Get your lunch Instagram ready with Mini Hippo. Visit www.minihippo.com.au/shop