Here at Mini Hippo, we’re huge fans of products that offer more than meets the eye. Just take the Fluf reusable food pouch – these handy bags aren’t just helpful for great for packing snacks, but also for your day-to-day essentials. Here are 27 ideas that prove it.

  1. Hair clips, claws and ties
  2. Homemade trail mix (we love these recipes)
  3. Your glasses and glasses accessories (think wipes, a repair kit and even contacts)
  4. Lollies, perfect for sneaking into the movies
  5. Popcorn too, for that matter
  6. Female hygiene products (especially for your tween!)
  7. Loose or spare cords
  8. Pens, pencils, and other stationery
  9. Make up products – such a helpful way to organise them on-the-go!
  10. Dog treats and doggy bags
  11. Your child’s favourite collectables (whether they’re Ooshies, toy cars or even crystals)
  12. Paper clips, elastic bands and other random essentials
  13. Spare keys
  14. Crackers or chips
  15. Reusable cutlery and straws
  16. Passports, so they’re all in one easy to find place
  17. LEGO parts for on-the-go fun
  18. Fresh berries
  19. Lip balms and glosses, to stop them getting all over your bag!
  20. Hand sanitisers, masks and gloves #causeCOVID
  21. Sunscreen – no spills, just sun protection
  22. Sticky tape and scissors (so you can keep them together with your wrapping paper)
  23. Washi tape, too!
  24. Toiletries, perfect for when you travel
  25. A deck of cards and set of die for playing games on the road
  26. Nail polish bottles
  27. Other food pouches and reusable bags (keep it in your car for shopping trips!)

Now that you’re convinced about the practicality and versatility of the reusable food pouch, it’s time to decide which one (or ones) you’ll invest in! Fluf’s three snack sacks – the Flip Snack Sack, Zip Snack Sack and Snack Mat – are all different, but equally versatile. Click here to find out more.