Parents of fussy eaters will know that lunches can be tricky terrain – you pack (what you think is) an appetising lunch, but the Yumbox still comes back totally full. What’s a parent to do?! When you’re out of inspiration, give one of these 10 recipes a try.

Lunch box mini pizzas
No matter how fussy your child is, it’s hard to say no to pizza – especially, lunch box pizza! We love this recipe by Kidgredients for its versatility and nutrition, allowing you to add whatever toppings your child desires while knowing they’re eating well (special shout out to the genius zucchini-cheese combo!).

Homemade sausage rolls
Who doesn’t love a party food that’s nutritious enough to pack into a lunch box? These sausage rolls will appeal to even the fussiest eater with their flaky pastry and flavoursome filling, and because they’re homemade, you don’t need to worry about any nasties that have been snuck in.

Mac and cheese
Your fussy eater won’t believe their luck when they open their lunch box and find this delicious mac and cheese– and you won’t believe that you can confidently pack it in their lunch box, either! They’re equal parts delicious and nutritious, packed with onion, cauliflower and even zucchini.

DIY cheese and bacon rolls
Yep, Kylie from Kidgredients isn’t lying when she says these cheese and bacon rolls are just like the bakery ones! Of course, they aren’t the healthiest treat, but making them yourself (rather than buying them from the grocery store) means you have full control over everything inside.

Homemade fish fingers
Okay, this is one that even the adults can get on board with. Fish fingers are a delicacy typically associated with childhood, but this recipe (which bakes them, rather than fries them) could easily be served up at your next party. Failing that, your kids will love finding them in their lunch box!

Mini quiches
The best thing about quiches is how versatile they are, allowing you to pack pretty much any ingredient your kids desire. This recipe in particular is crustless and super healthy, takes just five minutes to prepare and is perfect for batch cooking to keep you organised. Maybe you could even get the kids involved in the cooking process? Experts say that’s the best way to get the children to eat their lunch!

Mars Bar slice
While you probably shouldn’t pack an actual Mars Bar in your kids’ lunch box (yep, times have changed!) that doesn’t mean you can’t bake these refined sugar and gluten free alternatives. With sweet rice malt syrup, dark chocolate and rice bubbles, you won’t even miss the real thing – just remove the nuts to make them school-friendly.

Breakfast muffins
Eggs are little powerhouses of nutrition, top-quality protein and even vitamin D, so these breakfast muffins are the perfect lunch box addition or on-the-go breakfast option for fussy eaters. You can throw in whatever ingredients your kids love (plus a few sneaky, nutritional extra) and could even make them with them. Yum!

We know what you’re thinking: “Smoothies? In a lunch box?!”. With products like the Drink in the Box and the Squeasy Gear range, you can safely pack smoothies in their lunch box without fear of leaks. We’ve been loving this list of 10 smoothie recipes with hidden veggies.

Chicken nuggets
We couldn’t make a list of recipes for fussy eaters without including chicken nuggets. They’re universally appealing – although, they’re definitely not healthy. Until now! These baked chicken nuggets are made with chicken breast and coated in breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, meaning they’re just as nutritious as they are delicious.